what soul?

journal blog of a teenage failure.

spent all afternoon in his bed,

under the sheets,

over the sheets,

maybe on the desk,

probably the kitchen table.

and I think even on the floor

at one point.

february 13th, 11:54 pm

kisses are the best when your lips are left sore and you feel as though it could never be enough.

february 13th, 11:51 pm

sex is the best when it’s spontaneous and unexpected.

january 22nd, 9:48 pm

I hate the way she makes you. You’re boring when you’re with her. You’ve lost all your color, all your depth, all your soul. 

And I fucking need you back.

january 20th, 11:08 pm

I need you to feel something. let me in, goddammit. you’re pushing me away again. and right now, I need you the most.

january 19th, 12:37 pm

I’m heartless and cruel and vindictive.
but god do I hate her.
and I hate you.
I hate me.

january 18th, 6:50 pm

maybe I was going to let him go.

maybe I was finally ready to let you in.

or maybe it’s all one big goddamn cosmic joke.

january 18th, 6:43 pm

jealousy burns

a lot like

a candle:

melting my wax figure

into the ground 

january 28th, 6:36 pm

my love for you, in a list

pure - lustful - passionate - true - painful - joyous - adoring - hot - burning - insane - patient - amazing - beautiful - everlasting - bright - enduring - unwavering - blissful - astonishing - shameless - aching - intense - right - tender - romantic - eager - strong - stunning - scary - giddy - rich - daunting  - consuming - ecstasy - freeing - boundless - delicious - divine - honest - illogical - sensual - devoted - enveloping - stirring - cherishing - deep - challenging - surprising - raw